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Covid-19 Disinfection

Thorough disinfection services in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Richmond Hill's Top Rated Covid-19 Disinfection Services

Maintaining a safe workplace for your employees and customers has never been more important than in the last couple years. Potential viral and bacterial pathogens are a constant and unnoticed threat to your health. Our disinfection service was created to support businesses in maintaining the highest level of hygiene while also providing employees and visitors with a safe and secure environment.

Our disinfectant products are all approved by Health Canada for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Our services will be tailored to your company's specific needs to ensure its safety and health.

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Covid-19 Disinfection Services in Richmond Hill ON

Covid-19 Sanitization Services

When performing our covid-19 disinfection services, our certified technicians target key high traffic, non-porous hard surface touch points such as:

  • Door Handles & Push Bars & Push Plates
  • Railings (Stairways & Hallways)
  • Water Fountains/Stations
  • Elevator Buttons & Railings
  • Common Area/Lobby Furniture Contact Points
  • Office Furniture Contact Points
  • Light Switches
  • Partition Doors & Handles
  • Toilet Flushers & Toilet Seats
  • Sink Faucets & Counter Tops
  • Paper Towel & Bathroom Tissue Dispensers
  • Hand Soap Dispensers
  • Hand Dryers
  • Accessibility Railings
  • Sink Faucets & Counter Tops
  • Tables Tops & Plastic Chairs
  • Fridge Handles
  • Microwaves & Small Appliance Contact Points
  • Sanitizing and Disinfection Cleaning Services
Commercial Cleaning Richmond Hill Logo - Professional janitorial services and office cleaning

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